What We Do

Our process and projects work to provide women with at least ONE intervention against cervical cancer.

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We connect key stakeholders all over the world in order to share crucial information about cervical cancer.


We educate people worldwide to help spread accurate and up-to-date information on cervical cancer.


We make tailored educational, health, and governance plans specifically to solve cervical cancer.


We assist governments, clinics, and other health organizations to implement screening, vaccination, and treatment strategies.

We Are Committed


Global Coalition against Cervical Cancer (GC3)™ serves as an independent, credible source for technical support and expertise, technology transfer, training, and education to assist countries and entities that want to implement scaled-up cervical cancer prevention and control programs.


Prevention Programs


We will address the unmet need to provide the critical know-how to implement life-saving cervical cancer prevention programs, with a particular emphasis on secondary prevention through screening, early detection, and timely treatment.



Needs Assessment


GC3 will play a key role in needs assessment/gap analysis, program design and demonstration projections, and monitoring and evaluation. We will be a source for education and evidence-based information.



Healthcare Infrastructure


We will commit to supporting the building of healthcare infrastructure for these programs that will eventually also serve other healthcare needs that burden these same populations.


Honesty and Integrity


We will be honest brokers and help countries and programs make informed decisions based on evidence about which cervical cancer prevention and control programs best serve their needs.


Measurable Impact

An integrated model of cervical cancer prevention, control, and care will reduce the burden and death of cervical cancer now and reduce the risk in the future.

  • HPV Vaccine effectiveness against HPV-16 and HPV-18 cancers 100%
  • Percentage of cervical cancers that could be prevented by screening and HPV vaccination 93%
  • Percentage of cervical cancer cases in low and middle-income countries 85%
  • Percentage of eligible people targeted for HPV vaccination, globally 10%

Want to give every woman around the world ONE chance?

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